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Solar energy - a renewable, nonpolluting source of energy for a sustainable future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a pamphlet you can send us?
All of our information is on our web site.  However, if you have specific questions, we will try to answer them.

Do you sell anything besides the kit?
We sell the solar electric education kit with appliances, student manual, and teacher's guide. We do not sell smaller units or units for home installation.

How can I pay for a kit?
You may prepay by money order, check, or with a purchase order from your school or business.  Be sure to include Illinois sales tax (if applicable) and shipping charges (we will need your zip code to determine the cost of postage).

What is solar energy?
Solar energy can either be active or passive.  Passive solar energy is usually used in heating homes, etc., by allowing sunlight to enter the building during the day to storage materials such as stone, water, etc.  The heat is then radiated to the building during the night.  The design must minimize the heat accumulated during the warm season.  Active solar energy is solar electricity.

How is solar electricity produced?

Photons from the sun hits electrons in silicon atoms within the solar cell.  If the photons have sufficient energy, that energy is absorbed by the electrons in the outer orbit, which then use the energy to break free of their atoms and travel through a circuit, causing the flow of electricity.

I have a science project due.   Where can I get an inexpensive panel?
Small panels and appliances are readily available from local electronics stores, such as Radio Shack.

Help!  I need all the free science information you can give me.
There is a terrific amount of scientific information available.  If you ask a specific question, we will try to answer you.